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TRX Single Leg Squat

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TRXSLSquatNot for the faint hearted, the TRX single leg squat is the ultimate lower body exercise. It not only builds leg strength and power but it challenges your balance and flexibility at the same time.

Given that a lot of what we do in sport and in everyday life is done in a split stance, it makes to train your body that way.

Single-leg training helps to correct the imbalances in your body so you can run, change direction and produce force equally on both sides of your body. The unstable nature of single-leg exercises also develops the stabilisers and small muscle groups which are critical for preventing injury. Always start a single limb exercise on the weaker side and then match the reps on the stronger side.

Using the TRX for a single leg squat helps you to keep good form throughout the exercise. Use the straps to help you keep your back straight in both the up and down phase of the exercise. You can pull on the straps to help you in the up phase until you have enough strength to come up without the straps for assistance.


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